Sleep Apnea – Long Beach, CA

Stop Snoring & Start Sleeping Soundly

Do you struggle with constant daytime exhaustion? Does your chronic snoring keep your partner awake at night? These could both indicate a serious sleep disorder known as sleep apnea, which involves lapses in breathing at night that force you awake and prevent you from getting deep, high-quality rest. Without treatment, this condition can wreak havoc on your health, but Dr. Matthew Listiyo can provide effective sleep apnea therapy that can give you (and your partner) the restful sleep you deserve!

Why Choose Listiyo Family Dental for Sleep Apnea Treatment?

  • Comfortable, Custom-Fit Oral Appliances
  • Convenient At-Home Sleep Apnea Tests
  • One-on-One Care from a Gentle Dentist

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Traditionally, treating sleep apnea involves a bulky, loud CPAP machine, but Dr. Listiyo has a less disruptive method: oral appliance therapy. Using digital impressions of your mouth, he can craft a personalized mouthguard-like device that fits over your teeth. When worn to bed, the appliance shifts your lower jaw forward ever so gently, keeping your airway open. This prevents the soft tissues in your throat from collapsing and creating an obstruction, which is the most common cause of sleep apnea.

At-Home Sleep Testing

Ordinarily, testing for sleep apnea would involve spending the night in a sleep center and being observed by strangers the entire time. Dr. Listiyo, fortunately, has a more convenient and comfortable alternative: at-home sleep testing. We can lend you a device that you’ll wear on your wrist overnight. As you sleep, it collects data about your oxygen levels, which can provide enough information to determine whether your rest is being disturbed by sleep apnea. From there, we can begin discussing treatment.