TMJ/TMD Therapy – Long Beach, CA

Easing Pain in the Head, Neck, & Jaw

If headaches and jaw pain have become a normal part of your daily life, there might be a problem with your temporomandibular joints or TMJs. When the delicate jaw joints become strained, it can lead to pain that radiates throughout the face, head, neck, and even shoulders. At our dental practice, Dr. Matthew Listiyo will work with you to identify the cause of your TMJ disorder (TMD) and provide personalized treatment to relieve your pain. Contact our office today to schedule your visit!

Why Choose Listiyo Family Dental for TMJ/TMD Therapy?

  • Gentle Dentist in a Relaxing Office
  • Emergency Visits Available on the Same Day
  • Digital Impressions for Comfortable Splints

Diagnosis & Treatment

Many possible causes can contribute to a TMJ disorder, including physical trauma to the jaw, bite misalignment, and untreated bruxism (chronic teeth grinding and jaw clenching). During your initial consultation, Dr. Listiyo will examine your teeth and TMJs in great detail as well as discuss the symptoms you’ve been experiencing. If he determines that TMD is likely to blame, he can talk about your options for treatment.


Equilibration / Occlusal Adjustments

If an uneven bite force is to blame for your TMJ discomfort, then Dr. Listiyo may need to slightly alter certain teeth or restorations. Particular areas of the dental arch may be too high or too low, preventing the jaw from resting in a comfortable position. By performing occlusal adjustments, or equilibrium, we can restore harmony to your teeth and reduce the strain on your TMJs.


Occlusal Splints

Like a nightguard, occlusal splints are designed to be worn over your teeth as you sleep. They carefully shift your jaw into a more relaxed position, alleviating discomfort. Additionally, they reduce or even eliminate the teeth grinding that often accompanies and worsens TMD symptoms. Many patients find that routinely wearing their splints to bed minimizes their jaw pain in the long term.